In order to interact with the exchange, Symbridge provides two APIs - a Web Socket API (covered in this section) and FIX (Financial Interchange Protocol) covered in the section below. The WebSocket API can be used for Order Entry, Order and Trade queries, Market Data and Account Balance requests.

A key benefit of using the web socket API is that the market center backend will automatically push existing account activities and any corresponding updates to the user upon login (order/trade/position). The messages associated with all available interactions are listed in this document.

JSON Format

The WebSocket order API is in JSON message format.

The JSON string is communicated via secure web socket (“wss://”), so messages are encrypted and protected by the underlying secure socket layer. The platform supports two authentication methods, basic authentication and a secure keypair authentication. It is highly recommended to use the secure authentication method.

All the details are provided in the Logging into the Exchange section of the API docs.